Can I make changes to the floor plan?

Yes. Groza Builders is a custom builder. We have an in house draftsmen to help you customize your home. You can add a bathroom, make your home bigger or smaller, move walls etc. The changes are endless.

Can I bring my own plan?

At the moment Groza Builders is not accepting any bids on plans. 

In what areas do you build?

We build in the following areas Okeechobee, Indian River, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and City of Port St Lucie.

What are your standards? Or what is included in your price?

Please see our "Areas We Build" tab above to see our features! All of these features are included in the base price of our homes. Lot and lot prep is not included.

What does lot prep cost?

Lot prep starts around $20,000 upwards. It depends on how low the lot is, how much fill it needs, and how much growth is on the property. Lot prep is not just clearing the trees. 

Do you have land inventory?

The lots that we have, we build inventory homes on. Our lot specialists can help you find a lot that is perfect for you.

What are inventory homes?

Inventory homes are homes that we build on our lots and are available for purchase as an entire package (home, lot, lot prep, design features). These homes are perfect for buyers in a time crunch. 

What are the benefits of the injected foam?

Insulates and blocks sound transference & keeps energy consumption down, reducing the emissions associated with heating and cooling a building. This foam also prevents insects from entering your home. All of our homes come with injected foam.

What energy efficient features do you offer?

Injected foam in block walls, R-30 insulation in ceilings, energy efficient water heater, energy efficient heating and air conditioner, low E energy efficient windows w/ direct mount hurricane shutters, energy calc specific to each home.

Do you have preferred lenders?

We do have a list of lenders that do construction loans, whom we work closely with. Ask for our list. To apply see the preferred lenders tab and click apply with which ever agent you prefer using.

What are the benefits of a C/P Loan?

The biggest benefit is that it's your home from day 1. You close upfront and your interest rate is locked for the life of the Loan. Since you own the home there is peace of mind for you that if anything changes in your life situation that you are covered.